Sintra Village is today a privileged place for tourism and leisure. Belonging to the district of Lisbon, it houses in its territory the so-called “Cultural Landscape of Sintra”, the first of its kind to be recognized in 1995 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The occupation of this territory comes from the Neolithic, passing through the Bronze Age, occupation by the Roman Empire and then by the Muslim Empire. On January 9, 1154, shortly after the conquest of the Moorish Castle by D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, the Charter of Foral was granted to the village of Sintra.

Since then and over the centuries, the village has expanded, palaces, churches and convents have been built. The climate and exoticism of the place made it a village of choice. But it was already in the nineteenth century, with the romantic spirit of the time, that emblematic works such as the Pena Palace or the Monserrate Palace, made the Sintra Village known to Europe.

Nowadays, Sintra’s monuments and attractions, are visited permanently throughout the year by thousands of tourists. Despite such a large influx, the village retains its beauty and romantic side. To this end, the excellent work of preserving the most important monuments has contributed, and it is also worth remembering that the microclimate is always the same … that is, the visitor can suddenly plunge into a dense and unexpected fog, but that is also what the beauty of Sintra is made!

Among many events throughout the year, permanent handicraft fairs, sculptures exhibition, flea market, aura festival, celebrations of commemorative dates, etc, etc., once a year, also happens an event that is already being tradition in the village: the Living Statues Festival, which already has its 7th edition.

Sintra Houses decided to take a walk around the last festival (weekend from 24th to 25th August) and leave here a complementary photographic record.

If the village has so many visitors continuously, let’s imagine it is summer, August, weekend and there is also the Living Statues Festival. However, it is a different “sea of people”, there is no hurry, the street is a huge storefront. Different languages are heard everywhere, and in the place of “Volta do Duche”, the background sound is a pleasant song performed by saxophonist.

The exhibition of living statues still begins in the Estefânea area, next to the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center, but it is from the “Jardim da Correnteza” that the artists concentrate more.

On this day, the weather was fine, perhaps a little hotter for some living statues, whose outfits appeared to be neither the most comfortable nor the most airy. But being an artist is not easy.

The living statue of writer and poet “Florbela Espanca” was on display at the “Fonte Mourisca”, for those who know, that it is one of the coolest places in the village. This may appear to be a simple art, but from the neatness of characterization details, to immobilization in sometimes very difficult to maintain poses and the expressiveness, they maintain throughout the exhibition, it shows that it is a very meritorious and hard work.

At “Largo Rainha Dona Amélia”, in front of the “Palácio da Vila“, we found the statues of various kings and queens. Highlight to Queen D. Leonor and D. Fernando, in which it could be said that here, in the immobilization part, the artist had at the outset the facilitated work. In fact, only his face and the hand over Queen D. Leonor’s hand were in sight. Everything else was an ingeniously constructed structure.

On the way back we found the statue of the Little Prince, pausing for a bite to eat in the picnic park. We can’t resist asking him for a photo. So far he has kept his pose and it has been funny to see, that a statue with no one to admire loses its true meaning. Therefore, despite the many visitors, Sintra has maintained and maintains its magical aura. Who arrives here, makes more than a simple visit … in the end will be contemplating the statues, monuments, nature, even the weather! And everything suddenly becomes much more romantic.

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