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How interesting is to watch Sintra’s landscape changing as soon as we get closer to Granja do Marquês, next to Pêro Pinheiro. The mountain vanishes and gives space to the prairie, the perfect spot for installing Air Force Base Campus (BA1), Air Force Academy (AFA) and the Air Museum.

Flight tradition exists in Sintra since 1914, foundation date for BA1. Military flying pilot training has been done, for many years, with Chipmunk aircraft from AFA and Epsilon TB30 from Fleet 101.

Air Museum opened in Sintra in 2009. Is a very interesting space, since it gathers, by thematic areas, aircraft evolution in Portugal. It’s located next to the gate of BA1, and it includes not only original aircraft from Portuguese military aeronautics, but also a important collection of civil aircraft.

The main building is dated from the late 40’s and it shows a wide number of pieces related with the history of national aviation, military and civil.

The 3000 sqm include, by chronologic time, 42 aircraft and many photographs that show the history of the first 100 flying years in Portugal.

There is also a room for the commercial aircraft – The TAP Portugal room, where visitors can watch the company history, since 1945 – foundation date – up to now. Devices like the first flight simulator for pilot training, as well as uniforms and tableware are carefully displayed.

The space allocated to the Portuguese Company of Airports and Air Navigation – ANA – includes the original mockup of Lisbon Airport inaugurated in 1942, as well as equipments and original furniture that equipped the Control Tower.

The Air Museum has three historic hangars, namely:

The first hangar has a multimedia auditorium and other air assets such as Piper PA-18/L-21 Super Cub and the Havilland DH.87 Hornet Moth.
The second hangar is dedicated to the Portuguese Colonial War where are displayed the air assets used in the three wars events.
At the third hangar visitors can find two major aircraft used for pilot training in jet airplanes, as well as the Falcon 20, used at the VIP transport and radio help calibrations.
Falcon 20 - Air Museum | Sintra Houses by Lendas de Sintra
Falcon 20 – Air Museum | Sintra | Portugal

The Pioneers room takes us back to the beginnings of the Portuguese Aviation. Visitors can get acquainted with the significant flights made by Portuguese pilots all over the world. Personal documents, trophies and navigation instruments from early years are displayed.

Special highlights for the flights performed by  Sacadura Cabral, Gago Coutinho, Sarmento de Beires, Brito Pais, Humberto da Cruz and Carlos Bleck.

The Air Museum is classified as one of the 20 best aviation museums in the world. Our courage, strength and tenacity are very present at this place, which we must preserve and publicize!

From Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 am | 17:00 pm
Closed on Mondays
Free entrance every 1st Sunday of each month



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