Adega Viúva Gomes, Colares Wines and Vineyards

Why are Colares vineyards so different?

Everything is different, the weather and the coastline – strong maritime winds, having the vineyards, as sole protection, palisades made of natural wood. Also unique is the fact that the vineyards are planted into the sand ground, without any help of exterior grafts.

Sturdy and resistant!

Colares is a unique wine region in Europe, with wines produced from grapes with very special characteristics and marketed through century-old wine cellars, for example the Adega Viúva Gomes, located in Almoçageme.

This wine region is located at the westernmost point of Continental Europe, in the municipality of Sintra, near the Atlantic coast, covering the parishes of Colares, S. João das Lampas and S. Martinho.

The DOP region of Colares was formalized in 1908, although there are records of wine activity since 1255, by order of D. Afonso III.

The wine-growing region of Colares is regulated through the Institute of Vine and Wine, and national legislation (DL nº246 / 94 of 29 September).

Portugal has 31 DOP zones and Colares is part of the Lisbon area, with two wine grape varieties:

Ramisco (red grape varieties) with a minimum total stage of 21 months, producing a ruby wine, quite rough in its early stages of youth, but full of aroma as it ages.

Malvasia (white grape varieties) with a minimum total stage of 9 months, being a citrus wine, perfumed, fresh, with fruit taste, that improves with age.

Heritage of Sintra and Portugal, the wines of Colares are progressively known in the national and international market, and the wineries have played an important role in its dissemination.

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