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Head to Sintra and find how marvellous and lush greenery is the landscape, and you can walk by the hiking trails, marked on the ground, with the help of geo maps that you can download from Sintra municipality website.

The choice is wide – at Sintra there are 136km of hiking trails, properly marked, divided into 11 Short Routes (SR), usually circular trails, where you start and finish at the same point, and two big routes, namely the GR11 – E9 (“Atlantic Path” Route – 29,7km are passing by Sintra region) and The “Caminho de Fátima” a Pilgrims route leading to Santiago de Compostela.

The Short Routes are easily accessible to travellers, and the marked routes are:

ShortRoute 1 – Santa Maria (1,9 km)
Short Route 2/3 – Pena and Mouros  (4,7km)
Short Route 4 – Seteais  (3,5km)
Short Route 5 – Quintas  (2,3km)
Short Route 6 – Rio da Mula route (11,3 km)
Short Route 7 – Cabo Roca route (13,2km)
Short Route 8 – Colares Wine route (15,5km)
Short Route 9 – Villages route (13,5km)
Short Route 10 – Peninha  (5,9km)
Short Route 11 – Capuchos  (4,9km)

Hiking and walking trails are an excellent way of getting to know the natural and cultural heritage of Sintra municipality.

Every single hiking trial has is hidden wonders, if you take SR2/3 you start at Sintra historic center, and through cobblestone walkways and Sintra mountain paths,  discover manor houses, palaces and exotic species of trees. Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle make part of this Short Route (SR).  This is a typical easy level SR that can be enjoyed by families or group of friends.

Towards the region of Colares, near Casa da Capela at Eugaria village, there is SR8 – Colares Wine Route. This circular route takes about 3,5h and it starts near Adega Regional de Colares (wine cellar), passing by  a pinewood area, Fontanelas vineyards, Azenhas do Mar village, Chapel of Janas and coast line. This is a very beautiful route, as it combines the countryside and the coastline. Hikers can take a public transport to get to the starting point at Colares, or can drive by car, as it is easy to park.

We love hiking and walking, and Sintra Houses are conveniently located to do so. Villa Maria is close to SR2/3, located only at 700m away from Pena Palace, and Casa da Capela is close to SR8, at the small village of Eugaria, at Monserrate Palace doorstep.

We provide suggestions and hiking advices to our guests in order for them to walk by themselves. Sintra has a mild climate, therefore it’s possible to visit and walk during all seasons of the year.
Enjoy the Short Sintra Routes and the Long “Atlantic Path” Route, trails that do not require a guide, as long as hikers follow information provided by  orientation leaflets, marks on the ground and geo information.

Stay at Sintra and enjoy hiking and walking in the nature, the historic places and the excellent gastronomy. Stay with us!

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