Vila Sassetti mansion

Opened almost 4 years ago, the pedestrian path of Vila Sassetti is the latest link between the center of the Sintra village and Castle of the Moors, next to the Pena Park.

The opening of this route was the beginning of a global recovery project that included the intervention of the main building, the construction of sanitary facilities, the restoration of gardens, paths, waterways, walls and gates. In all, an area of ​​about 1.2 hectares, which corresponds to the denominated Quinta da Amizade.

The main building, known as Vila Sassetti and which gives its name to this route, is a chalet distinguished by a three-storey circular tower, covered with granite with bands of terracotta, characteristic of the Romanesque Lombard style and a showy sundial. This chalet, built between 1890 and 1894, is located half-way between the center of the village and Castle of the Moors.

The original owner of the land where Vila Sassetti is currently located was Victor Carlos Sassetti (1851-1915), owner of the Hotel Braganza in Lisbon and the Hotel Victor in Sintra. The Vila Sassetti project was commissioned by his friend, architect and set designer Luigi Manini (1848-1936). Luigi Manini’s work also includes Hotel Palácio do Bussaco and Quinta da Regaleira, one of Sintra’s most visited monuments.

By the mixture of materials used in the construction, the alternation of the volumes and the towers with battlements, Manini conceived this project, in light of the historical models of the castles of Lombardy.

Nowadays, the entire exterior of the building has been restored, with the completion of the work in the interior lacking, so that the visit to the public is not yet possible.

The landscape that we can enjoy this way, is absolutely privileged. Besides the village, we have along the way several points of interest that are revealed through the grove. From the Quinta da Regaleira, Quinta do Relógio and in the distance, a little of the view of the Palace of Seteais, the imposing Chalet Biester, among many others.

The narrow strip of land that leads us to the chalet is filled with beautiful gardens, with small waterfalls, tanks with fish and water lilies, exotic plants and trees, following the Romantic style of Sintra. During most of the year, but especially in winter, the path and the walls are filled with a green moss carpet, giving a symbiotic harmony between nature and built infrastructures.

As we go up, the Hortens, Sweethearts, Passion Flowers, Gladioli and so many other species, begin to give way to the forest, the imposing rocks and clear viewpoints on the slope that leads to the entrance of the Castle of the Moors.

The path of Vila Sassetti is much more than a pedestrian path, it is a true oasis of tranquility and beauty in Sintra.

The course is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00 during summer time, and between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during winter time.

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