Lisboa, Augusta Street, Portugal

Portugal is located on the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula, it’s a fascinating varied country and also, one of the most visited due to it’s idyllic climate, affordable travel costs and exceptional attractions.

Portugal’s varied geography ranges from the verdant mountains and vineyards of the North, to the rolling farmland and medieval villages of the Central region, till the glamorous beaches of Algarve along the southern coastline.

It is one of the oldest nations in Europe, an ancient kingdom defended by hilltop castles, with walled stone-built villages, that are worth a visit

The two main cities, Lisbon and Porto, show the role that Portugal had as a maritime world superpower, they’re authentic “museum cities”, however, these places have some of the best clubs in Europe and a bold modern architecture.

Walking further into the interior of Portugal, we will discover endless possibilities: from touring wine estates to walking, cycling or kayaking down inland rivers, discover amazing hiking trails through mountains and forests. However, it’s the coast line, that turns out to be more attractive: from cliff-covered coves to endless expanses of sandy dunes, we’ll rarely be far from finding a gorgeous beach.

For the surfing community, the east coast boasts some of the best spots in the world to practice. To the south, the calmer and warmer waters of the Algarve offer a relaxed and very pleasant beach experience.

Portugal also has 2 archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, Azores and Madeira, both with unique lush landscapes and a high quality gastronomy.

Definitely one of the best destinations in Europe: great food, lovely people, incredible coast lines, varied natural beauty spots… all in all, a marvelous and peaceful country!

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