Photo by Nuno Antunes

From 10th December until 15 January 2017 the Art Museum of Sintra – MU.SA will held a joint exhibition from four know photographers, namely Cristina Alves, EMIGUS, Nuno Antunes and Taylor Moore, called “Sintra – Patrimónios”.

The aim of this exhibition is to show many particularities from Sintra region, the focus is upon three main subjects: Rural Sintra, Monumental or Romantic Sintra, and Post Modern Sintra XXI.

Rural Sintra shows beautiful landscapes, such as small pieces of farming, windmills used in the old times to process cereals for producing the bred, and several other moments. Monumental Sintra offers a selection of amazing pictures from our unique monuments such as Pena Palace and National Palace of Sintra. Views from Sintra forest and all the mysticism of this region are well presented.

This is a exhibition not to miss until next 15th January. “Sintra – Patrimónios” will also be available, in the near future, through a book with the pictures from these four photographers, with texts from the portuguese writer Miguel Real.

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