Vila Sassetti mansion

Pedestrian path of Vila Sassetti

Opened almost 4 years ago, the pedestrian path of Vila Sassetti is the latest link between the center of the Sintra village and Castle of the Moors, next to the Pena Park. The opening of this route was the beginning … Read More

Electric tram - Lisbon

Lisbon to Sintra

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is an excellent city for holidays and a unique destination in the world. Portugal welcomes a bigger number of travellers than the number of its inhabitants, and it is not by chance that the country … Read More

National Palace of Sintra

The “Palácio Nacional de Sintra” (National Palace of Sintra), or “Palácio da Vila” (Palace of the Village), began to be built in the XV century, taking advantage of an old construction of the Muslim era, culminating in the mid-eighteenth century … Read More

Moorish Castle - Entrance (The Castle of the Moors)

Moorish Castle

The Moorish Castle is a fortification built in around the 10th century by the North African Moors, during their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. They choose a strategic military location, high in the mountains between two rings of granite walls, … Read More

The courtyard of Capuchos Convent, in symbiosis with the environment

Convent of the Capuchos

In the middle of a dense forest and gigantic granite rocks of the Sintra Mountain Natural Park, lies the Capuchos Convent, an austere Franciscan monastery, with minimal impact on the natural environment and with an extremely simplistic design. The construction … Read More

VillaMaria CasadaCapela Sintra Houses

Vacation Home Rentals by Sintra Houses

Villa Maria and Casa da Capela, are two magnificent holiday houses, located in the Protected Area of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Sintra is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the category of “Cultural Landscape”. The house Villa Maria is … Read More